Big Power Evo X MR on E85

2009 Mitsubishi Evo X MR


  • CBRD BBX Turbo
  • Tomei Ti catback
  • AMS Downpipe
  • AMS Testpipe
  • Kelford S2 Cams
  • Kelford Springs
  • Full Race Manifold
  • ETS Upper Intercooler Pipes
  • ETS Intercooler
  • AMS Lower Intercooler Pipe with Tial
  • AMS Intake
  • Perrin 3 Port
  • AMS FPR Kit
  • ID2000 Injectors
  • Boomba Racing Fuel System
  • SSP Evo MR Clutch Kit
  • SSP Inline SST Trans Filter
  • SSP SST Trans Fluids

412 AWHP, 360 FT/LBs


The Evo MR is a real challenge to tune for big numbers.  There are many unknowns when moving to over 350 hp on one of these platforms and we feel we are at the forefront of what can make and hold power on these cars.  We modded this car from start to finish, and moved it from pump gas to E85.  The results are at the forefront of what is possible on the MR platform on a stock block.  This car is pushing the envelope, and we are looking forward to more mods, and a built motor early in 2012.