Kaizen Project and Customer Cars

Mothra Evo X Time Attack

Featured in Modified Magazine - The Kaizen / Varis Evo X Time Attack car is one of the most highly modified Evo X's in the USA.

  • Keith's HKS GTR build - by Kaizen Tuning

Keith’s HKS GT1000 GTR

Starting with a stock 2012 GTR, Kaizen Tuning was asked to build a track monster, based around the HKS GT1000, HKS GR6, and Varis wide body kit. Featured in the HKS booth at SEMA 2015.

  • Kaizen's STI build

Kaizen STI

The ultimate street STI, featured in PASmag October 2015.

  • Project Focus RS - Kaizen Tuning

Kaizen Tuning Project RS – First Reactions

The long waited Focus RS has now landed at Kaizen Tuning, we will soon unveil the secrets of what's hidden within....

  • Sheff's Evo X Project Zero-C

Project Zero-C

Sheff's Evo X was brought to us bone stock, and was transformed into a fully bolted on Evo X equipped with the full range of Sakura products - with a great result!

  • Geoff's 2008 Evo X Build

Geoffs 2008 Evo X

Geoff's Evo is a great example of building a car with all the right parts, that work in harmony together.

Sony BRZ

Vortech supercharged BRZ = with great results.

  • Kaizen-built Alpha 9 GTR

2009 Alpha 9 Nissan GTR

Uncompromising reliability on a world class build focused around an E85 powered Alpha 9 turbo kit.

  • Kaizen C7 Z06 project

2015 C7 Z06

Move Kaizen Tuning beyond the import tuning world, we have made modifications to the new C7 Z06 to add more power, and cool the car better.

David’s Pro 8 GTR

Kaizen Tuning worked with Top Speed Motors in Atlanta to build the ultimate 700hp daily driver.