Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Performance Parts

The 4B11 turbocharged Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is one of the best bang for your buck performance machines on the market. With torque vectoring AWD and excellent handling from the factory, it’s a very capable weekend track toy. But we know the Mitsubishi crowd is never satisfied with stock performance. And we love helping customers build track-prepped beasts! Whether it be installing a high flow cat-back exhaust, shipping out one of our specialty Evo X pulley upgrade kits, or even putting a customer’s Evo on the dyno for tuning, we can help you reach your performance goals. We’re also an authorized dealer/installer for HKS, AMS, Ecutek, and Cobb.

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Lancer Evo X Parts Categories

Evo X Remote Tuning

Remote Tuning

Evo X Staged Packages

Staged Packages

Evo X Intakes


Evo X Exhaust Upgrades


Evo X Engine Upgrades


Evo X Turbo System Upgrades

Turbo System

Evo X Fuel and Ignition Upgrades

Fuel & Ignition

Evo X Cooling System Upgrades


Evo X Electronics


Evo X Drivetrain Upgrades


Evo X Brake System Upgrades


Evo X Suspension Upgrades


Evo X Interior Upgrades


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Lancer Evo X Tuning, Repairs & Installations

Bring your Evo X into our Boston, MA facility for maintenance, repairs, parts installations, dyno tuning, and all out custom race builds. We can help arrange for vehicle transport if needed. Or consider our remote tuning service.
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Kaizen Tuning Evo X Builds

Mothra Evo X Time Attack

Featured in Modified Magazine - The Kaizen / Varis Evo X Time Attack car is one of the most highly modified Evo X's in the USA.

  • Sheff's Evo X Project Zero-C

Project Zero-C

Sheff's Evo X was brought to us bone stock, and was transformed into a fully bolted on Evo X equipped with the full range of Sakura products - with a great result!

  • Geoff's 2008 Evo X Build

Geoffs 2008 Evo X

Geoff's Evo is a great example of building a car with all the right parts, that work in harmony together.