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Kaizen Tuning is one of the first U.S. tuners to obtain a Ford Focus RS for testing, and the USA-made components we fabricate for this platform are leading the way in aftermarket upgrades for this innovative AWD hatchback. Stay tuned as we add performance parts to our online store, including intakes, catback exhausts, suspension, tuning, and more.

Select from the following components to learn about the solutions we’ve developed to make the most of the Focus RS’ blend of power and technological sophistication.

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Kaizen Tuning’s Approach to the 2016+ Focus RS

The RS is a potent platform out of the box, but we will be exploring the limits of this platform using parts from the top parts manufacturers in the aftermarket, including Cobb, mountune, Scorpion, Eibach, KW, and of course, our own Sakura Performance in-house brand of performance products. We’ll be applying the same techniques and expertise we’ve used with our Nissan GTR and Mitsubishi EVO programs to design upgrade packages for the serious RS performance enthusiast. Here are the areas we’ve been focusing our efforts on so far…

Focus RS Tuning and Electronics

The foundation of any successful Focus RS tuning project begins at the ECU. Give yourself the ability to fine-tune engine and driveline parameters beyond their factory-set limitations, and you’ll be able to make the most of your physical modifications to the intake, exhaust, and internal engine components.

Kaizen Tuning uses Cobb Tuning’s Accessport V3 for all of our Focus RS e-tuning packages. With a straightforward interface, advanced processing power and multiple display options, this unit makes it easy to optimize your ECU’s settings as you tune and modify your Focus RS.

If you want a truly solid foundation to begin your Focus RS project, combine the Accessport V3 with our custom e-tune. Our tuning team use knowledge gained from track-and-dyno time in our Project RS to develop a tuning map that increases performance without sacrificing driveability. The Accessport V3 and our e-tune will make your Focus RS ready for all of your subsequent modifications.

Focus RS Intake and Exhaust Upgrades

With your ECU ready to tune, you’re ready to increase airflow with the intake and exhaust components we offer for the Focus RS. Through testing on the street, track and dyno with our Project RS test vehicle, Kaizen Tuning has selected components proven to increase performance of the Ford 2.3 liter Ecoboost engine.

On the intake side of things, we’ve had great success with mountune induction products for the mk3 Focus RS. The mountune high flow induction kit includes three parts which can also be purchased individually. The kit is comprised of their revised high-flow, low-loss cast aluminum crossover duct that maximizes the package space available and improves intake airflow directly into the turbocharger. When coupled with the high-flow mountune induction hose and unique air filter with dual inlet, this package generates an 11% improvement in airflow compared to the stock intake.

Likewise, Kaizen Tuning offers mountune’s intercooler hard pipe, silicone boost hoses and turbo re-circulating valve (TRV) to increase reliability as you tune for greater-than-stock boost pressure.

Scorpion Exhaust for the Ford Focus RSFor an exhaust solution that ups performance while improving the vehicle’s looks and sound, Kaizen Tuning utilizes the Scorpion Turbo Downpipe and the Scorpion Catback Exhaust for the Focus RS – Kaizen Tuning is an authorized Scorpion dealer. Available with or without cat, the downpipe is sized specifically to earn a peak performance gain from the tuned EcoBoost turbo. This exhaust keeps the car road legal and DOT-compliant (Regulations may vary, recommended for off-road use), but its free-flowing design and aggressive sound are at home on any Focus RS tuning project. And with the exhaust tips available in steel or black, this component will look right with any Focus RS build.

Focus RS Brakes

Kaizen Tuning’s track time in our Project RS test vehicle revealed that the platform responds well to upgraded brake lines, pads and rotors. Our Focus RS Track Brake Package combines Stoptech Aero front rotors and slotted rear rotors with Carbotech XP10 and XP8 brake pads. In addition, the package includes Motul RBF600 brake fluid for a complete high-performance upgrade.

A great complement to this package is the mountune braided brake line kit for the mk3 Focus. This hose kit features a PTFE inner, complete with a stainless steel outer braid which eliminates the spongy feel often experienced under arduous conditions, giving improved pedal feel while also offering superior resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Our on-track experience confirms that these upgrades will reduce your stopping distance, adding performance for track and autocross workhorses.

Focus RS Engine and Drivetrain Upgrades

Kaizen Tuning is dedicated to bringing our customers the engine performance upgrades for their Focus RS projects that real-world testing proves to be the most effective. These include Cobb Tuning’s Motor Mount, an upgrade that improves traction on hard launches and minimizes engine movement, moving power more efficiently to all four wheels.

Likewise, our team is pleased to recommend the mountune quick-shift, which shortens shift throw by 25%. This amount allows an enhanced driving experience while maintaining an OE quality and feel with minimal stress on the OE shift cables and components.

To keep things cool under even the hardest driving, Kaizen Tuning offers Mishimoto radiators and oil coolers for the Focus RS. These brazed aluminum components are specifically designed to increase cooling capacity and lower fluid temperatures compared to the stock configuration.

Focus RS Suspension Upgrades

Horsepower gains only pay off if you can put power to the ground effectively. To help our customers do that, Kaizen Tuning offers a range of suspension upgrades that can fine-tune your project for your specific driving goals. Increase cornering stability with adjustable swaybar and bushing options from Cobb Tuning and Eibach. To create a more aggressive stance and improve handling even further, we offer springs and coilover packages from Eibach and KW Suspensions. These are designed to make the most out of the Focus RS’ adaptive damping, and they provide an additional level of adjustability that helps your project car excel in your preferred mix of ride quality, cornering performance and stance.