Boxborough, MA – Ford’s hotly anticipated U.S. version of the Focus RS is finally a reality; the first of the 350hp, all-wheel-drive hatchbacks are being delivered to their owners, and stateside automotive journalists are raving about performance that appears to exceed their expectations across the board.

But some people just want more.

Boston, MA, based performance specialist Kaizen Tuning announced this month that it took delivery of a Focus RS and immediately dove into a comprehensive testing plan to explore – and expand – the car’s limits.

This is not new ground for Kaizen Tuning: the tuner was one of the first to receive the U.S. version of the legendary Nissan GTR when it reached U.S. shores. The expertise in Nissan GTR tuning the Kaizen team developed through its testing regimen led to the creation of a full range of carefully designed performance components and tuning packages. Kaizen Tuning’s GTR performance packages have appeared on some of the fastest, most powerful GTR projects built for street, strip and track.

Kaizen Tuning’s Focus RS is less than a month old, but the team’s staff is already conducting performance and reliability testing with upgrades designed for the Focus ST. These tests on the dyno, street and track will show how the new car responds to enhancements designed for its older sibling, and will help Kaizen Tuning’s engineers find ways to squeeze even higher performance out of this already-formidable package.

Kaizen Tuning is committed to exploring the limits of the Focus RS and then turning that knowledge into carefully designed, made-in-the-USA upgrades offered by Sakura Performance, its in-house brand of fabricated performance products. And if the team’s success with the Nissan GTR and Mitsubishi EVO are any indication, Kaizen Tuning will play a major role in the Focus RS-based supercars that will define the limits of what this impressive platform can do.

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