We install some of the world’s best brands on our customers’ cars. We offer a wide range of mechanical services, from the simple to the extreme. Our facility offers state of the art, high quality experience when taking your car to the next level in performance.

Kaizen Tuning was created out of the need for a true enthusiast destination shop in the North East. After seeing firsthand the mistreatment of many of our own cars at the hands of dealers and local shops, we were devoted to creating a shop that would treat us like we wanted to be treated. The Kaizen Tuning technicians and sales staff are automotive professionals and have been in the industry for years. We at Kaizen Tuning live the car lifestyle ourselves and we bring that energy to the shop every day.

Some of the main differences between ourselves in the dealer are pretty clear:

  1. Know How. We started on the modifying cars as soon we they were introduced to the marketplace in 2008. We immediately started modifying local GTRs and purchased one of the first ones available on the east coast to start our R&D into what works and what does not on this platform. All of our techs work on high end performance cars every week, so unlike the dealerships in the area, we have know how into the inner working of these cars. Do you want someone that knows nothing but the 4 day training course working on your car? Dealer techs don’t own these cars, nor do they work on them every day. So with choosing an independent shop, you can have confidence that your car will be in capable hands.
  2. Level of care. We know that as dealership customers at one point we saw the level of care given to our cars at Nissan dealerships decline. The your car is not an Sentra or Pathfinder, and should not be treated like it. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the USA. We have seen the difference between dealerships in the USA and those in Japan. The level of care that is given overseas far exceeds that of a USA dealership. We wanted to bring that level of care to performance owners, that you won’t find at a dealership.
  3. Enthusiast operated. Kaizen Tuning is owned and operated by Nissan fanatics, who own GTRs, STis, Silvias and Z cars. We know the history of the cars we work on, from the R32 GTR racing histories to modern Ring times, and apply that know how to our customers cars. You won’t find that kind of love for all things car related at any dealership that is only concerned about the bottom line.  Do you really want someone that works on a dealership level working on your car, or someone that actually knows how to work on your performance car?
  4. We are not flat rate. This point is critical to the level of care given to your car at Kaizen Tuning. At a dealership, all techs are paid per job.  The faster your car is on and off the lift, the more they are paid, therefore the more the dealership can put in their pocket. At Kaizen Tuning, our techs are paid hourly. We take our time on the cars that come to us to make sure that our level of care exceeds your expectation. That cannot be said for a dealership tech that is rushing to get your car on and off the lift so he can put more in his pocket. This is a critical difference in how high end cars are serviced through Porsche, Ferrari, and other high end car service departments. We follow how a high end car SHOULD be serviced and pay our techs, who, as explained above, are more experienced than a dealership tech, accordingly. This is an ugly truth and why on so many occasions, performance owners are treated like one of the herd.
  5. We use what works. We have years of know how on the cars we work on, on the street, on the track, and at the strip. We recommend parts and fluids that are not forced down our throats. We test everything we use on our own cars before signing it off for use on our customers cars. We have tested, and re-tested, and then come to a conclusion that what we offer to you is right for your application. We have partnered with the best shops from around the world, and can call on these experts if a problem comes up, or if a recommendation is needed.
  6. One size does not fit all. Each application is different. Each customer has a different use in mind. At Kaizen Tuning, we can recommend the products that are going to work right for you. From street driven daily drivers to track prepped cars, the choices are very different. You will not find that flexibility in a dealership. This is critical to you, as an owner, as we can recommend and work with a huge array of products from all over the world, to fit your application.   If you want to be like the heard and stamp knock off parts onto your Nissan, our shop is NOT for you.
  7. The right tools. Kaizen Tuning uses the right tools for getting the job done right. What this means to you as a customer is that we do not need to outsource your car. We can do alignments in house, dyno tune in house, do motor and trans builds in house… We have the tools to tackle any job in our shop.